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Hello. ( ´ v ` )
I plan to post things concerning my drawings. Thank you for your time. ♥

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Perceiving Time
Sketch 12.07.14
stickers (◕‿◕✿)
Boy of Roses

Anonymous said: how old r you

I just turned 17 this past December. ( u v u )

Sketchbook page - 09.02.14
Trying out some more digital stuff.

Anonymous said: god, youre drawings are just awsome !!! *_* éwè How much time did you take for it ??!?

Thank you!  And sorry, I didn’t catch whether you meant how long i have been drawing or how long it takes for me to finish a drawing! ( u v u )7”
But uhm, either way: Putting it simply, I have been drawing for lots of years, and the time it takes for me to finish a proper one is usually somewhere inbetween 2 - 10 hrs. 
….That is a lot of variation, yes. ( e _ e );;